Rick Perry used to be a sincere advocate of states’ rights. He was against a federal tort reform bill as recently as last year.

Rick Perry, November 4, 2010, on CNN:

“One of the reasons why I was never for a national tort reform was because I think we do it better in the state of Texas… that ought to be our decision in the state of Texas.”

Now? Well, he’s under pressure from other Republican candidates, so he whipped out his big applause line last night.

Rick Perry, September 12, 2011, during the CNN-Tea Party Express debate:

“…one of the things that’s really important, one of the things that the Fed Reserve chairman said was the most powerful, one of the most powerful thing that happened, was tort reform that we passed in that state. You want to talk about some powerful job creation, tell the trial lawyers to get out of your state and to quit costing businessmen and women. That’s what needs to happen in the states. and it’s also what needs to happen at the federal level, passing federal tort reform at those federal levels.”

But you don’t have to take my word for it, watch it yourself on YouTube below!