Conservative legal expert Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute in Colorado, author of the book, The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant, was interviewed on October 6 on the nationally syndicated “What’s Up” radio program, hosted by Terry Lowry. Rob Natelson was the first conservative legal scholar to forcefully argue that federally imposed limits on medical malpractice and other health care-related lawsuits are unconstitutional, back in April and again in May. Terry Lowry interviewed him about (1) the status of the anti-ObamaCare cases and the prospects for the Supreme Court to rule against the individual mandate, and (2) the unconstitutionality of federal tort reform laws. Natelson said that he expects the Supreme Court to hear the 11th Circuit case, and he put forth various scenarios for the Court’s ultimate ruling (with no prediction). He added that Congress unconstitutionally stretched the Commerce Clause beyond all previous precedent in mandating the individual purchase of health insurance.

Natelson reiterated his opposition to federal tort reform laws. He said that this is another area where “the federal government simply has no business trying to impose one-size-fits-all on the entire country,” that federal tort reform proposals dictating to federal and state courts are “extremely intrusive” and “pretty clearly unconstitutional.”

You can download and listen to the entire interview.