After having children, many women find their breasts seem deflated and droopy, making them self-conscious about putting their swimsuits back and spurring them to sit at home watching Jersey Shore instead of going out to the shore. Although these so-called “reality” TV shows are likely to give you a false impression of what your breasts could or should look like, they aren’t the only thing generating myths about breast augmentation in New Jersey. Internet media sites are just as responsible for misconceptions about breast augmentation options as “reality” shows are for creating an unrealistic image of a woman in a bikini.

In an effort to cut costs (and corners) on augmentation, some sites tell women that overly large implants are the cure-all for sagging breasts. On the surface, it seems logical that a large implant might refill a sagging breast enough to lift it back up, but this is actually a common breast augmentation myth. Loss of volume and sagginess are two different issues. While they can be corrected at the same time, they have different root causes and require different procedures.

Breasts sag for two main reasons: stretched skin and lax ligaments. Having children and breastfeeding can stretch the skin, but so can heavy breasts, age, and improper breast care. Adding more weight with implants to already sagging breasts isn’t going to help the situation. And if the nipple has already stretched too low on the breast, the implant will only exaggerate the problem. To correct stretching, women with sagging breasts need their breast skin lifted with the excess cut away, but the problem is more than skin deep. Ligaments that have stretched also need to be shortened and the tissue reattached.

Oftentimes, a breast lift alone is enough to get women their confidence back and have them reaching for their swimsuits with pride. To get that Jersey Shore physique, though, or just to fill out an old swimsuit in the days before your breasts lost volume, you may want to add implants to your augmentation package along with the lift. For young mothers, implants alone may be all they need if their ligaments are strong and their skin isn’t too stretched. It’s never a good idea, however, to use large implants as a shortcut to a full surgical procedure if you’re trying to rebuild the foundation of your breasts. This may have you going under the knife a second time to do the job right with breast implant revision surgery. It really isn’t worth believing everything you read on the Internet, or everything you see on Jersey Shore, for that matter. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon before making any surgery decisions.