Being overly vocal about all of your vacations and trips and adventures in exotic places

I don’t want to hear about your trip. I mean, maybe a little bit, and I’ll look at a maximum of ten to fifteen pictures, but thats’s really it. I don’t care. I’m sorry but I don’t. Mostly because you cannot stop mentioning all the places you’ve been at the slightest provocation. Oh that book was published in Tehran, I went there 4 years ago and it was great. Or, oh that restaurant has great Ethiopian food, when I was in Addis Ababa (had to look that up btw) the food was amazing! Listen, I make 50,000 dollars a year and I have more than that in student loans. I live in the most expensive city on the planet and I have a gene that doesn’t allow me to date or be interested in anyone financially responsible. I don’t play the lottery (on the list!) and have no inheritance or trust fund waiting for me. I have no hope of going to bazaars in Morocco or to be able to swim with sharks in Belize. I would be happy to go to the Catskills for the weekend. All of your travels are great but really, keep it to a minimum, otherwise you are on the list.

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