Avoid the pitfalls that would make your weight loss undertaking fail

There are many ways you could fail. Make sure you avoid these !

Spoofs are deceiving you !

Most common mistake is to buy the first product with a sexy marketing page. Here’s the truth : Most products are SCAM. Some can even be dangerous to your health.

Also, understand that Losing Weight is a global undertaking in your life, and that you need to tackle with several domains : “The wonderful magic pill diet of the doctor Gizmo” won’t suffice, despite doctor Gizmo’s sexy claims.

In each domain, you will take several Options, which will compose Your Weight Loss. Make efforts to select the right options for your weight loss by taking Phen24.

Breaching Succcess Models

Over the years, me and other coaches over the world have helped people to successfully Losing Weight.

I went for what works, through my own coaching practice and the various works of others.

I have seen that there are 7 Golden Keys to actually Losing Weight in an efficient and enjoyable way. Breaching those “Rules” leads to failure :

Not Taking Control

  • Habits get back.
  • Loss of Motivation.
  • Getting out of your intended path.
  • Lacking some key in a domain your options don’t cover, because you forget to think about health, or about your emotions, or your environment…

Not Moving Your Body The Right Way

  • Losing too few or no weight.
  • Taking weight back straight when you stop.
  • Not using the endorphin of exercise to sustain your diet effort.
  • Making more fat in the end by not using the gym in the proper way…

Not Feeding Your Emotions

  • Feeling bad about key points in your Losing Weight.
  • Talk to yourself badly.
  • Letting other people destroy your will to Lose Weight.
  • Eating transformed foods that trick you to feel you need more of them.
  • Not keeping your motivation…

Using Bad Quality of Nutrition

  • Eat some food that endangers your Weight Loss.
  • Eat the crap that goes straight into big hard-to-lose fat.
  • Drink sodas and diet that ruin your efforts to reduce your stomach size.
  • Keep some bad habits about toppings and sauces…

Badly Managing Eating Quantity

  • Trying to lose weight by cutting harshly the quantity of food you ingest is sure way to fail.
  • Suffer from Quantity Backlash effects can make your Losing Weight efforts have reverse effects…

Forgetting the Importance of Regularity

  • Eating random foods, anywhere, at any time.
  • Dropping a meal thinking it will make you any good.
  • Too much variation in quantity or nutrients…

Not Unfolding YOUR path to Weight Loss Success

  • By following a badly tailored program with the wrong Options.
  • By forgetting to get medical advice.
  • By not watching and piloting your Weight Losss on a regular basis.
  • By not adjusting your Losing Weight Process when needed.
  • By not understanding how necessary it is to have formalized and secure process to Lose Weight.